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The 2007 Farm Bill Debate and Developing Countries

As debate about the future of US agriculture policy and the current Farm Bill is underway, IPC has undertaken a series of briefs to clarify and raise awareness of the key topics in the debate. The briefs focus on the Farm Bill and the Doha "Development" Round, trade promotion authority, energy, white commodities, and food aid. What domestic and international factors affect US farm policy? How might this policy be reformed to better meet the needs of developing countries? Read IPC's Farm Bill series and stay informed on the key issues as they unfold.

IPC has also released a longer study of the likely impact of different Farm Bill reform scenarios on developing countries, and unveiled the findings of this report at a launch event on June 27, at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The event featured IPC Members Robert L. Thompson and Michel Petit, also joined by Mary Chambliss, independent consultant on food aid issues, and Ambassador Samuel Amehou, the Ambassador of Benin in Geneva and former coordinator of the African Group. A summary of the main points discussed at the event, as well as presentations given, can be accessed below.


IPC Farm Bill Series

Launch Materials and Related Information


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