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International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council
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Promoting an Open and Equitable Global Food System

IPC Global Reach:    North America


  • Jason Clay:  Senior Vice President, Market Transformation, World Wildlife Fund (United States)
  • Carl Hausmann: Former CEO, Bunge North America (United States)
  • Robbin Johnson: President, Cargill Foundation; Senior Advisor, Global Policy Studies, University of Minnesota (United States)
  • JB Penn: Chief Economist, Deere & Company (United States)
  • James Starkey: Former Vice President, Universal Corporation. Former Deputy Undersecretary for International Affairs and Commodity Programs (United States)


Events and Seminars

Climate Change, Agriculture, and Trade: Promoting Policy Coherence ICTSD-IPC Platform on Climate Change, Agriculture and Trade
Washington, DC

October 29, 2009

Cotton — The Next Steps
38th Plenary Meeting
Washington, DC

October 26, 2006
A conference organized by the Woodrow Wilson Center, the International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council and the IDEAS Centre

The 2007 Farm Bill Debate: Converging Domestic and International Policy Imperatives
35th IPC Seminar
Washington, DC
May 24, 2005

Challenges facing the Doha Development Round Trade Negotiations
29th IPC Seminar
Ottawa, Canada
May 2-3, 2002

The Climate for Trade Liberalization, Post-Seattle In Conjunction with IAMA World Congress
25th IPC Seminar
Chicago, Illinois
June 27, 2000

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) & Agricultural Trade Reform
21th IPC Seminar
Washington, DC
May 21, 1998

Agriculture and the WTO Agenda
18th IPC Seminar
Calgary, Alberta Canada
October 3-4, 1996

Meeting the Food Demands of the 21st Century: Opportunities in Emerging Markets
15th IPC Seminar
Little Rock, Arkansas
May 2-3, 1995

How Changing Global Conditions Affect Agriculture in the United States and Around the World
11th IPC Seminar
Chicago, Illinois
May 5-8, 1993


Studies that Focus on North America


Reconciling Food Safety with Import Facilitation Objectives: Helping Developing Country Producers Meet U.S. and EU Food Requirements Through Transatlantic Cooperation

June 2008

An Examination of U.S. and EU Government Support to Biofuels: Early Lessons

Issue Brief # 26, October 2007

The 2007 US Farm Bill: Implications for Developing Countries
Issue Brief # 25, September 2007

The US Farm Bill and the Doha Negotiations: On Parallel Tracks or a Collision Course?
Issue Brief # 15, September 2005.

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