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WTO Cotton Panel Ruling-Has the US Made Progress?

Posted by Pedro de Camargo Neto on July 30th, 2007

Pedro de Camargo-Neto notes differences between US and EU reactions regarding WTO disputes
In November 2002, Brazil filed the beginning of consultations in Geneva regarding two important disputes on agricultural subsidies-a dispute with the US on cotton subsidies, and a dispute with the European Union on sugar subsidies. The reactions by authorities in Europe [...]

This is Not Reform

Posted by Kara Laney on July 30th, 2007

Contrary to the claims of the Democratic and Agricultural Committee leadership, the version of the 2007 Farm Bill passed last week by the US House of Representatives does not contain meaningful reform. Instead, it perpetuates subsidy programs that distort trade, reduce the efficiency of US farmers, and harm poor farmers in developing countries.
In the Uruguay [...]

Now is the Time for Farm Bill Reform

Posted by Kara Laney on July 25th, 2007

With the chance alignment of ongoing international trade negotiations, the expiration of the 2002 Farm Bill, and the onset of high commodities prices spurred by biofuels consumption, the United States is in an ideal position to modify its agricultural policies when it authorizes the 2007 Farm Bill later this year. Reforming the Farm Bill could [...]

When Precautionary Becomes Reactionary

Posted by Carl Hausmann on July 23rd, 2007

Why now is the time for acceptance of scientifically assessed and approved genetically modified crops
On a panel at the May 2007 World Agriculture Forum held in St. Louis, I was asked by the Rt. Hon. John Gummer, former Minister of Agriculture for the United Kingdom, whether I supported the European view of the precautionary principle [...]

TRQ Expansion-Creating Opportunities for Trade?

Posted by Harry de Gorter on July 10th, 2007

Many WTO Members have submitted proposals pertaining to the formulae for tariff and subsidy cuts and exceptions in the Doha Round to influence a draft modalities text being prepared by Crawford Falconer, the chair of the WTO agricultural negotiations. As reported, one such proposal on market access put forth by the EU, dated June 29, [...]

Doha Development Round-Is There A Way Forward or Not?

Posted by C Joe O Mara on July 3rd, 2007

The abrupt and disappointing ending to the recent G-4 Ministerial (Brazil/representing the G-20, European Union, India/representing the G-30 and United States) in Potsdam was, without question, a major set back at a critical phase in the DDA negotiating process. But it is important to point out that the G-4 process was significant, and while it [...]