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The “Food Miles” Debate

Posted by Yvonne Siu on March 13th, 2007

IPC’s Charlotte Hebebrand and James Lee have contributed the following post on the pros and cons of “food miles.” 
The “Food Miles” argument is gaining traction. So far, it has sprung up mostly in the UK, but it is finding resonance in other European countries, and groups in the US are also beginning to find it […]

The Fight Over Cotton: Q&A with Pedro de Camargo Neto

Posted by Yvonne Siu on March 1st, 2007

In 2002, Brazil initiated a WTO dispute settlement case against the US, claiming that its subsidies for upland cotton were illegal under WTO rules, and unfairly hurt cotton farmers in developing countries. The WTO ruled in favor of Brazil, which was seen as a symbolic victory for developing countries. It remains unclear, however, whether the […]