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Don’t Forget the Benefits of Trade

Posted by Yvonne Siu on February 16th, 2007

The benefits and costs of globalization continue to fuel controversy between those who embrace free markets and what globalization promises, and those who are concerned about the potential displacement of some workers. While we should acknowledge that globalization does have costs, it would be wrong to say that countries are unable to address them. IPC […]

Biofuels Across the Atlantic

Posted by Yvonne Siu on January 22nd, 2007

IPC Chief Executive Charlotte Hebebrand has contributed the following piece about recent biofuel legislation on both sides of the Atlantic, and suggests that in the midst of promoting domestic biofuel production, we should not rule out future trade in the increasingly appealing commodity.
There is plenty of legislative movement on both sides of the Atlantic on […]

Biofuels as an Engine for Growth

Posted by Yvonne Siu on December 22nd, 2006

IPC Policy Associate Kara Laney has contributed the following post, outlining the existing opportunities and challenges that biofuels hold for rich and poor countries alike, concluding that the best way for biofuels to be an engine of growth is for the sector to advance in step with trade liberalization.
The Doha Round and biofuels appear to be on […]