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The Past and Future of CAP Reform

Posted by admin on March 28th, 2007

IPC Chairman Piet Bukman spoke at the 26th European Agricultural Outlook Conference held in London during the 27th-28th of March, titled “Towards 2013: The Prospects for CAP Reform.” He spoke on the historic context of the creation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and the multiple domestic, international, political, and economic forces shaping its future. Most interestingly, Bukman highlighted how the challenges of the modern era have called into question the efficacy of the agricultural support regime in Europe, and the need to modernize it to better meet the needs of Europe and the world. Among the challenges and forces influencing CAP reform that Bukman identified are: climate change, global demographic trends, emerging energy needs, and globalization and liberalization.

Commenting on the relevance of CAP reform for global trade and poverty reduction, he said:

“Again, there is much at stake. Not only for the rich part of the world, but also, and perhaps even more, for the developing world, which needs many more opportunities to participate in international trade as an additional source of economic growth, which is desperately needed to eradicate poverty. Some more flexibility on specific issues, not only on the part of the US and the EU, but also from the richer part of the developing world, is necessary. It is undeniable that for the future of the CAP, this dossier, in any case, means less protection.”

Mr. Piet Bukman is the Former Dutch Minister of Trade, Development Cooperation, and Agriculture.

View a summary of the speech given by Piet Bukman at this 26th European Agra Outlook Conference.

View the full speech.

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