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About IPC
International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council
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Promoting an Open and Equitable Global Food System

IPC About Us

Important note: In late 2015, IPC's members agreed to dissolve the organization but are keeping the website available for some years so that its work can be accessed.

The International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council promotes the role of trade in creating a more open, equitable, productive and sustainable global food and agricultural system.

IPC makes pragmatic trade policy recommendations to help solve the major challenges facing the global food and agricultural system in the 21st century—the need to promote global food security, to sustainably increase productivity, and to contribute to economic growth and development.

IPC convenes influential policymakers, agribusiness executives, farm and civil society leaders, and academics from around the world in order to clarify complex issues, foster broad stakeholder participation in policy deliberations, and build consensus around pragmatic policy recommendations.

IPC concentrates on the following policy initiatives:

IPC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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