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WTO Disciplines and Biofuels:
Opportunities and Constraints in the Creation of a Global Marketplace

October 2006

Read "WTO Disciplines and Biofuels." [PDF]

Global interest in alternative energy is growing, and biofuels is taking center stage in the policy dialogue. But how do international trade rules apply to this sector, and what are the constraints to trade in biofuels? IPC and REIL have partnered to publish a thorough analysis of this issue, and released the paper at a public launch in Washington, DC. Lead author Robert Howse, a law professor at the University of Michigan, summarized the main findings of the paper, including issues of classification, domestic regulation, and sustainability related to biofuel production and trade. Among discussion of these challenges faced by the WTO in regulating the expected future trade in biofuels, speakers also discussed engaging the auto industry and social issues involved in biofuel production.

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