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IPC Position Paper No. 6

Building a Global Open Food System:
The Case for Further Agricultural
Trade Liberalization

An Overview

At the conclusion to the Uruguay Round negotiations of GATT in 1993, participating countries agreed to extend the agricultural negotiations beginning in 1999. This paper by the International Policy Council on Agriculture, Food and Trade (IPC) explains why the world needs further agricultural trade liberalization and the importance of moving ahead promptly in that direction.

Economic and technological changes occurring in world agriculture are creating a global food system more rapidly than is often recognized. Moreover, that emerging global food system offers great promise to enhance food security, stimulate economic development, increase the reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness of global agriculture and meet new qualitative demands on the food system, if it develops in an open, market-based manner.

Because these contributions of an open food system to global well-being are not as widely recognized as they should be, the paper details these gains from further agricultural reforms. It then concludes with a general description of the priority areas for further liberalization, to be followed in subsequent IPC papers with specific details of the essential negotiating objectives.

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