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Experts' Meeting on “Climate Change – the Role of Food and Agricultural Trade”

December 9 , 2008

Poznan Poland

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Significant research exists on the connections between climate change and agriculture. Only cursory treatment, however, has been given to the role of trade of food and agricultural products in this nexus, although it is a vast and important topic.  Experts at this meeting discussed pressing policy matters at the interface between climate change and agricultural trade with the aim of outlining priorities for research and analysis that contribute to finding effective solutions through international cooperation in the context of negotiations towards Copenhagen 2009 and beyond.

Meeting Information


Participant List


Christophe Bellmann, Programmes Director, ICTSD:

Trade and Equity in a World Where Goods Carry Carbon Passports

Jason Clay, Vice President, World Wildlife Fund:

Getting Carbon Right for Agriculture:  Carbon, Bundled Values and Supply Chains

Eduardo Leão de Sousa, Executive Director, Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA)

Energy Crops as an Adaptation Response to Climate Change

Rodgrigo C.A. Lima, General Manager, Institute for International Trade Negotiations (ICONE)

How to Balance the Aapplication of the Common but Differentiated Responsibilities Principle in a World of Carbon Differentiation Products?

Anthony Nyong, Principal Climate Change Expert, Africa Development Bank

Agriculture and Climate Change Emissions:  Potential Mitigation and Adaptation Measures in the Agricultural Sector

Gerald Nelson, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute

Climate Change, Agriculture, and Trade

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