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International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council Presents

Agricultural Trade Negotiations: Politics and Prospects

In Conjunction with the 33rd IPC Plenary Meeting

17 May 2004, 9:00-18:00

Brussels, Belgium




Speaker Biographies

Piet Bukman
Piet Bukman is Vice Chairman of the International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC) and is based in Holland. Formerly he was Minister of Agriculture, of Trade and of Development Co-operation, and former President of the Dutch Farmers Union.

Brian Chamberlin
Brian Chamberlin served as Agriculture Counselor at the New Zealand High Commission in London and Special Agricultural Trade Envoy from 1990 to 1991. Other previous positions held include: President and Vice President of the Federated Farmers Organization, President of the British/New Zealand Trade Council, Co-founder of Europe/New Zealand Business Council, Member of Japan/New Zealand Business Council and Australia/New Zealand Business Council.

Pedro de Camargo
Pedro de Camargo is formerly Secretary of Production and Trade for the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture where he was responsible for agriculture negotiations in the WTO, FTAA, MERCOSUR and other bilateral agreements.. He is Past Vice President and Past President, Sociedade Rural Brasileira. Private sector representative in the National Council for Agricultural Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture. Active in Mercosul, IFAP, and the Assembleia das Entidades Silvoagropecuarias do Cone Sul. De Camargo is a member of the Board of the International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC).

Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita
Mr. Mesquita is currently Counsellor and Deputy Permanent Representative of Brazil to the WTO.  Previously he was Alternate Permanent Representative of Brazil to the FAO and Secretary in the Brazilian Embassy in Santiago.  He also served as Advisor in the Policy Planning Secretariat and the Trade Policy Division and Head of the Asia II Division.  Immediately preceding his position in Geneva, Mr. Mesquita served as Advisor to the Brazilian Minister for External Relations.

Neal Fisher
As administrator of the North Dakota Wheat Commission, Neal Fisher is responsible for implementing producer-funded programs intended to increase the worldwide use of North Dakota wheat. Fisher works directly with export market development, research, trade policy and other issues affecting the global competitiveness of North Dakota producers of hard red spring, durum and other wheat classes.  His work for the Commission takes him around the world via U.S. Wheat Associates, presenting programs on spring wheat and durum use, their economic and quality advantages, and supply and demand outlook. He serves on the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education assisting with the prioritizing, budgeting and policy-making associated with the research projects and initiatives of the N.D. Agricultural Experiment Station. He also is a member of the NDSU Research Foundation board of directors. He coordinates North Dakota Wheat Commission’s policy positions and actions on issues affecting producers. He serves on the Agricultural Trade Advisory Committee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in Washington, D.C, and is a member of the U.S. Wheat Industry Biotechnology Steering Committee.

Michael (Mike) Gifford
Mike Gifford served as Canada’s chief agricultural trade negotiator and principal agricultural trade policy advisor to the ministers of agriculture and trade for fifteen years. During the course of his public service career, he was involved in virtually every major Canadian trade negotiation beginning with the re-negotiation of the Canada/Australia and Canada/New Zealand Trade Agreements in the late 1960’s and the Tokyo Round of GATT negotiations. He served as the Chairman of the GATT International Meat Council and acted as the Chief Canadian Agricultural Negotiator in the Canada/US Free Trade Agreement, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations. Since retiring from the Canadian Public Service in late 2000, Mr. Gifford has acted as an agricultural trade policy advisor to the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture, the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). He recently served as a member of a WTO dispute settlement panel involving Chile and Argentina.

Ron Heck
Ron Heck operates a 3600 acre soybean and corn family farm in central Iowa.  Four generations are currently involved.  Ron serves as President of the American Soybean Association.  He is Chairman of the American Oilseed Coalition, and a Director on the National Biodiesel Board.  He previously served as President of the Iowa Soybean Association in 1993, the Chicago Federal Reserve Board Agricultural Advisory Committee, the USDA-DOE (United States Department of Agriculture and United States Department of Energy) Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee, and as the cooperator for the Iowa State University Precision Farming Research Project since its beginning in 1996.  Ron has given numerous original presentations to a variety of organizations with interest in agriculture, including banking, machinery, and farmer organizations; the National Ag Forum; and the Senate Agriculture Committee, as well as presenting testimony on behalf of the Iowa and American Soybean Associations.  Past topics include many aspects of the skills and knowledge that are necessary for farmers and ag businesses, including machinery management, farm policy, risk management, international currency values, and our competitive position with South America.

Timothy E. Josling
Dr. Josling is Senior Fellow at the Institute for International Studies, Stanford University and a Professor at Stanford’s Food Research Institute. Professor Josling's work focuses on agricultural trade and food policy issues, as well as economic integration, with a special emphasis on the World Trade Organization, the EU Common Agricultural Policy, and U.S.-EU trade relations. Before taking his current positions at Stanford University, he has held positions at the London School of Economics and the Universities of Reading (United Kingdom) and Guelph (Canada).

Mark Lange
Dr. Mark Lange assume the position of president and chief executive officer of the National Cotton Council in February 2003.  He plays a pivotal role in guiding the industry’s seven segments to reach consensus on critical policies affecting U.S. cotton – with the overall mission of helping each of the U.S. cotton industry’s seven segments compete effectively and profitably in global markets.  Prior to that, Dr. Lange served as the Council’s vice president, policy analysis and program coordinator.  Before being named to that position in 2001, he served as director of the Council’s Economic Services and Information Services departments.  Prior to joining the Council in 1990, he was an associate professor of agricultural economics at Louisiana State University.  He has served in a variety of capacities with regional and national agricultural economic associations and is currently a member of the advisory committee to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Raul Q. Montemayor
Raul Montemayor is currently National Business Manager and Technical Education Program Officer of the Federation of Free Farmers Cooperatives, of the Philippines. He serves as a Member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Asian Regional Committee of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers. Montemayor serves on several government and private sector advisory boards and is a member of the Board of the International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC).

Charles J. (Joe) O’Mara
Joe O’Mara is currently President of O’Mara & Associates, an international trade consulting firm. He also serves on the United States Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for Trade. Previously, as Counsel for International Affairs to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and as Special Trade Negotiator, O’Mara served as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s senior policy officer on international trade and policy matters. As Special Trade Negotiator, he was responsible for the negotiation of the agriculture provisions of the Uruguay Round WTO negotiations.

Carlos Perez del Castillo
Ambassador Perez del Castillo is currently Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Uruguay for International Trade Negotiations.  From 1998 to March 2004 he was Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Uruguay to the United Nations, World Trade Organization and other specialized agencies in Geneva, Switzerland. During that period, Perez del Castillo was appointed Chairman of the WTO General Council (2003-04); Chairman of the Dispute Settlement Body (2002-03); Chairman of the Goods Council (2001); and Chairman of the Council on Trade Related Intellectual Property Understanding (1999).

From 1995 to 1998 Ambassador Perez del Castillo served as Deputy Foreign Minister of Uruguay. From 1991-1995 he was the Senior Partner and Director General of CPC International Consultants in Montevideo, Uruguay. In 1987 he was elected by the twenty-six Member Countries, as  Permanent Secretary of the Latin American Economic System,(SELA) with headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela and served in that position until 1991. From 1985-87, he was the Director General for Economics Affairs in the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay. From 1982-85 , he was Coordinator of the  Program for International Economic Relations of the UN Commission for Latin America, (ECLAC) in Santiago , Chile. Previously, he served in posts such as Senior Economic Affairs Officer, Chief of the Agricultural Raw Materials and Livestock Department, Commodities Division Of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Geneva, Switzerland.

Jiro Shiwaku
Jiro Shiwaku is currently the President of the Japan Meat Technology Institute (JAMTI). Previously, he served as President of the Agriculture & Fishery Cooperative Savings Insurance Corp. Shiwaku also served as Vice Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Robert Thompson
Bob Thompson is currently Chairman of the International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC). He previously served as Director of Rural Development at the World Bank. From 1993-1998 he was President and CEO of the Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development. Before that he was Dean of Agriculture at Purdue University from 1987-1993, Assistant Secretary for Economics at the US Department of Agriculture from 1985-1987, and Senior Staff Economist for Food and Agriculture on the Council of Economic Advisors. Dr. Thompson is a founding member of the International Policy Council and is Past President of the International Association of Agricultural Economists.

Jorge Zorreguieta
Jorge Zorreguieta is currently President of the Argentine Sugar Producers Council. He was Argentina’s Secretary of Agriculture from 1979 to 1981. Zorreguieta has also served as President of the Argentine Grains Board; Chairman of the United Nations Conference on Sugar (1983-1984); Leader of Argentine delegations to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the International Wheat Conference, and the World Food Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development.

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