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International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council Seminar


Issues Facing South American Agriculture

In Conjunction with the 34th IPC Plenary Meeting

October 25, 2004

Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Presentations and Agenda Below


Opening Session
Martín Redrado, President of the Central Bank of Argentina, former Secretary of Commerce and Economic International Negotiations

Session One

The Impact of Regional Integration on Trade and Investment in Agriculture

How is regional integration affecting private sector investment in Latin America?  What role are regional trade agreements playing in facilitating integration? What are the main barriers to integration and trade that can be addressed by regional agreements?  By global agreements?

Chair: Jorge Zorreguieta, former Secretary of Agriculture, Argentina, IPC Member

Juan Forn, CEO Molinos Río de la Plata
     Powerpoint Presentation (Spanish)

Raul Padilla, CEO Bunge
     Powerpoint Presentation (Spanish)

Hugo Krajnc, Director Cargill

Ezequiel Fonseca, Dow Agro Argentina and Director CASAFE
      Powerpoint Presentation (Spanish)

Session Two The Doha Development Agenda, Taking Stock

Where do the negotiations stand? How does the framework agreement measure up in national capitols? What issues remain outstanding? How can they be resolved?

Chair: Raul Montemayor, Philippine Farmers Federation, IPC Member


European Union: Rolf Moehler, former Deputy Director General, DGA Agriculture, European Union, IPC Member
      Powerpoint Presentation


Group of Twenty: Pedro de Camargo, former Secretary of Production and Trade, Brazil, IPC Member

Africa Group: Ajay Vashee, President, Southern African Farmers’ Union, Zambia, IPC Member

Luncheon Speech
Claudio Sabsay, Undersecretary of Agriculture, Argentina
      Powerpoint Presentation (Spanish)
Session Three The Evolution of Global Biotechnology

How do industry executives view the evolution of the biotechnology industry? How are developing countries approaching biotechnology policy? How can the public sector play a strong role in biotechnology research?

Chair: Marcelo Regunaga, former Secretary of Agriculture, Argentina, IPC Member


Jerry Steiner, Vice President, Commercial Acceptance, Monsanto, IPC Member
      Powerpoint Presentation


Jikun Huang, Director, Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, IPC Member
      Powerpoint Presentation


Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Professor, University of Missouri
      Powerpoint Presentation

Session Four Issues in Animal Agriculture

How will the combination of emerging issues in animal health and human health, animal welfare, genomics, and the environment affect global production and trade in animals, animal products, animal feed, and animal nutrition?

Chair: Kevin Weppler, Area Director, Latin America, Elanco Animal Health

David B. Wilkins, Chief Veterinary Advisor, World Society for the Protection of Animals


Charlie Arnot, CMA Consulting, LLC, United States
      Powerpoint Presentation


Ulrich Kihm, Chief Veterinary Officer, Switzerland
      Powerpoint Presentation


Alberto de las Carreras, Vice President of the Argentine Chamber of Exporters, former President of the International Meat Secretariat, and former Secretary of Commerce of Argentina

Closing Session The Argentine Economy Within the Context of World Trade

Roberto Lavagna, Minister of Economy & Production, Argentina