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Dialogue on “Climate Change, Agriculture and Trade: Promoting Policy Coherence”

April 5 , 2009

Bonn Germany

9:15 am - 6:30 pm

As part of the IPC-ICTSD interdisciplinary platform of climate change, experts met to discuss issues at the interface of climate change, agricultural policy and trade to assist the UNFCCC negotiators understand the linkages to agriculture and trade, and likewise, inform agricultural policy, trade policy experts and stakeholders about the policy inter-linkages between these three fields. The dialogue also sought to outline priorities for research and analysis.

Meeting Information




Professor Tony Allan, London Water Research Group - King’s College & SOA:

Water Constraints & Agricultural Trade

Daniel Martino, Executive Director, Carbosur (Uruguay):

Main Findings of IPCC AR4 on Agriculture

Gerald Nelson, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy research Institute:

Agriculture and Climate Change, Impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation and Trade

Fernando Castellanos Silveira, Adaptation, Technology and Science Programme, General Manager, UNFCCC Secretariat:

Agriculture in the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol

Jane Earley, Managing Partner, Earley & White Consulting Group, LLC:

Climate Change Mitigation – How Might it Affect Market Access and Domestic Support Policies?

Alexander Kasterine, Senior Market Development Adviser, International Trade Centre:

Voluntary Climate Mitigation Measures Are They Effective, Efficient and Fair?

Adrian Macey, Climate Change Ambassador, Environment Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade New Zealand:

Creating Policy Coherence Between the Climate Change and Trade Regimes

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