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The IPC's Outreach

Government Officials
  • IPC members share recommendations with government and elected officials in their countries.
  • The IPC organizes meetings, seminars and workshops for government and elected officials to discuss IPC analyses and recommendations.


  • The IPC invites stakeholders to participate in task forces and working groups.
  • The IPC maintains strong ties with various international organizations working in the food and agricultural trade arena, including OECD, FAO, IFAP, IBRD, etc.
  • IPC members actively seek opportunities to speak at international gatherings of agricultural policy leaders.


  • The IPC publishes timely editorials on policy issues.
  • The IPC issues press releases on IPC recommendations.
  • The IPC members cultivate relationships with key general and trade media.


  • The IPC publishes discussion papers and policy papers, which examine issues in depth.
  • The IPC publishes policy statements and editorials on issues of immediate concern.
  • The IPC publishes a quarterly newsletter.
  • The IPC maintains an up-to-date public web site.

Selected Publications

  • Special Preferences for Developing Countries (forthcoming)
  • Recommendations for the Doha Agricultural Trade Negotiations (2003)
  • Achieving the Doha Development Agenda (2003)
  • Achieving Agricultural Development through Agricultural Trade (2002)
  • Liberalizing Trade in Processed Foods (2002)
  • Achieving Public Confidence in the Global Food System (2001)

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IPC Funders

Annual Support: Agricultural Engineers Association (UK), Agriworld, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Australian Food and Grocery Council, Cargill, Charoen Pokphand Foods, Crop Life International, Dutch Dairy Association, Grain and Feed Trade Association (UK), Grocery Manufacturers of America,  Hogan and Hartson, LLP, International Fertilizer Industry Association, Kraft Foods International, Meat New Zealand, Monsanto, Nestle, Netherlands Marketing Board, Provimi, Rabobank International, Syngenta, Unilever, Unigrains, Universal Corporation.

Project Support: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canadian International Development Agency, Cargill Canada, Maple Leaf Foods, Nestle, Netherlands Department of Development Cooperation, Provimi, Unilever, United Kingdom Department of International Cooperation, Universal Corporation.


Selected Members Emeritus

  • John Block, Secretary of Agriculture (United States).
  • Pedro de Camargo Neto, Secretary of Agricultural Production and Trade (Brazil).
  • Aart de Zeeuw, Chairman, Agricultural Trade Committee, GATT (The Netherlands).
  • Heikki Haavisto, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Finland).
  • Lorne Hehn, Chief Commissioner, Canadian Wheat Board (Canada).
  • Albert Simantov, Director for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, OECD (Greece).
  • Dryden Spring, Chairman, APEC Business Advisory Council (New Zealand).
  • Stefan Tangermann, Director for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, OECD (Germany).
  • Thomas Urban, Chief Executive Officer, Pioneer HiBred (United States).
  • Ann Veneman, Secretary of Agriculture (United States).
  • Claude Villian, Director General for Agriculture, European Commission (France).

IPC Secretariat

Charlotte Hebebrand. IPC President.

Marcia A. Wiss. IPC General Counsel; Partner, Hogan and Hartson LLP.

Tamara A. White. IPC Treasurer; Director of Commodities, Illinois Farm Bureau.

Kai Bucher. IPC Communications Director.

Kara Laney. IPC Policy Associate.

Amy Testa. IPC Program Manager.

The IPC’s Substantive Agenda