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Rolf Moehler

Dr. Rolf Moehler was born in Germany. After having studied philosophy and theology at Thbingen and Bonn Universities, law and economics at Munich and Bonn Universities, he obtained a doctorate in law from Freiburg University.

He served as an official at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bonn. From 1965 to 1974, he was first counsellor at the German Permanent Representation to the European Community in Brussels and afterward at the German Mission to GATT and to the UN in Geneva.

In 1981, he was appointed director at the Directorate-general for Internal Market and Industrial Affairs of the European Commission with responsibility for trade and industrial policy. In 1986, he became deputy director-general at the Directorate-general for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission with responsibility for international relations. He retired in 1996.


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