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The International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council  (IPC)

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IPC Recommendations for the Agricultural Modalities for the Doha Round

The IPC has developed recommendations on continuing trade liberalization in the Doha Round.  The IPC's recommendations on domestic support, export competition, market access and developing country concerns were discussed at the 29th IPC Plenary Meeting in Ottawa, Canada in May of 2002 and the 30th IPC Plenary Meeting in London, England in November, 2002.

The recommendations were released on January 21, 2003 at a briefing at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland.   A public briefing was held in Washington, DC on January 28 at the Resources for the Future Conference Center and IPC Chairman, Robert L. Thompson presented the recommendations at a luncheon seminar at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) on February 7. 


Recommendations for the Doha Agricultural Trade Negotiations
.pdf file

Summary of the IPC's Recommendations
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