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IPC and the Doha Development Round


IPC Publications

Twenty Five Ways to Improve the Derbez Draft on Agriculture February 10, 2004

IPC Issue Brief Number Two: Beyond Special and Differential Treatment August 15, 2003

IPC Issue Brief Number One: Revisiting Special Preferences for Developing Countries May 1, 2003

IPC Statement on Recommendations for the Cancun Ministerial Meeting June 20, 2003

IPC Recommendations for the Doha Agricultural Negotiations January 21, 2003

Achieving the Doha Development Agenda Proceedings January 15, 2003

Challenges Facing the Doha Round Proceedings June 1, 2002

IPC Seminars

"Achieving the Doha Development Agenda"
A three-part seminar series held in Geneva, Switzerland

13 June 2002
- "Export Competition and Market Access" Agenda
10 September 2002
- "Domestic Subsidies"  Agenda 
31 October - "Non-Trade Concerns and Special and Differential Treatment" Agenda     
Seminar Proceedings

"Challenges Facing the Doha Round"
29th IPC Plenary Meeting and Seminar

2 - 3 May, 2002
Ottawa, Canada

Other IPC Events

IPC Assessment of the Status of the Agricultural Negotiations after Cancun
Washington-based IPC members held a briefing for members of the press and other interested parties
on Monday, September 2, 2003,  in Washington, DC
.  To read the proceedings of this briefing, click here

IPC Editorials and News Releases

January 13, 2004 Improvements Needed in Derbez Agricultural Draft, Say International Agricultural Leaders
IPC Press Release
January 13, 2004 Moves to Energize Trade Talks are Welcome
OpEd by IPC Chief Executive, M. Ann Tutwiler
December 12, 2003 No Deal is a Bad Deal for Agriculture News Release from IPC Secretariat
September 16, 2003 Cancun: Crisis as Catalyst News Release from IPC Secretariat
September 4, 2003 Cancun Must Facilitate Substantial Reforms in All Comodity Sectors Editorial by IPC Chairman, Robert L. Thompson and Vice Chairman, Piet Bukman
September 4, 2003 Highlights of the IPC's Position on the Doha Round Agricultural Negotiations News Release from the IPC Secretariat
September 4, 2003 The Draft Cancun Ministerial Text and the IPC's Recommendations: A Comparison of Differences and Similarities
August 26, 2003 Ag Text Improves Outlook For Cancun News Release from the IPC Secretariat

June 1, 2003

For Cancun to Succeed, Political Leaders Must Invest Political Capital Now French
March 31, 2003 Missed Agricultural Negotiating Deadline Unfortunate, but Not Fatal Editorial By IPC Chief Excecutive, M. Ann Tutwiler,
March 9, 2003 Reaping a bitter harvest Editorial by M. Ann Tutwiler, IPC Chief Executive in the Washington Times
February 28, 2003 To Benefit Developing Countries, The Doha Round Agriculture Agreement Must be Ambitious.  Editorial by IPC Member, Per Pinstrup-Andersen, 2001 Wolrd Food Prize Laureate; H.E. Babcock Professor, Cornell University.
February 4, 2003 ¿Qué más? Article by IPC Member Luis de la Calle,in El Universal, Mexico City, Mexico. (Spanish)