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The International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council  (IPC) presents:

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Twenty-Five Ways to Improve the Derbez Draft on Agriculture

It appears that the agricultural text drafted by Mexican Foreign Minister, Luis Ernesto Derbez at the Cancun Ministerial Meeting will be the basis for further negotiations.  The IPC has assessed the Derbez proposal against the dual goals of furthering agricultural trade reform and achieving the development objectives of the Doha Round.  The analysis is based on the IPC's January 21, 2003 recommendations (International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council, Recommendations for the Doha Agricultural Negotiations. Washington, DC: 2003) and the evolution of consensus in the WTO negotiations that led to the Derbez text.  The IPC hopes that these suggestions may provide food for though as countries come back to the bargaining table


Twenty-Five Ways to Improve the Derbez Draft on Agriculture .pdf file

Summary of the IPC's Recommendations  .pdf file


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