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A Summary of the IPC Project:

Achieving Agricultural Development through Agricultural Trade 

This booklet represents a summary of three seminars held by the International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC) across five years and three continents.

It synthesizes the views of the many contributors to those conferences regarding the link between agricultural trade liberalization on the one hand and agricultural development on the other.

The purpose of the IPC’s project was to determine the domestic policies (regarding price, employment, investment, etc.) that would best help improve agricultural productivity for newly industrialized and developing countries, as well as the multilateral policy reforms (related to market access, support regimes, etc.) needed to facilitate greater trade for these countries. The IPC held consultative meetings on location with policymakers, academics and leaders of the agricultural communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, and develop policy recommendations based on the information gathered from these consultations.

Stage one was held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil May 11-13, 1997. This seminar focused on the untapped production and export potential of Latin America and the region’s ability to contribute to world food needs.

Stage two took place in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe on April 16-18, 1998. This seminar centered on the important role the Southern Cone of Africa can play in helping reverse the continent’s chronic agricultural productivity deficit, and considered what concerns regional leaders have about access to developed country markets.

Finally, stage three took place in Beijing, China on November 9-12, 2000. This seminar addressed Asia’s dynamic growth in agricultural productivity, with a focus on the regional and global implications of China’s rapid growth in population and food demand.

The booklet provides a powerful testament to the generally positive views of developing countries on how trade liberalization affects agricultural development, and of how their countries can better take advantage of the opportunities offered by enhanced trade opportunities. It links and summarizes the ideas and opinions presented at all three seminars.

The individual papers presented at these three seminars, are available by clicking here.  To purchase the summary, print out this form and send it back to the IPC.


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